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  1. Hi,

    I’m interested in this frame, I want to use AP03 motor from hobbyking with it. Will this fit? Will it work with the adaptor? Where can I view measurements for your brushless motor adaptor?

    1. Hi Luke, the distance from hole to hole of the bl adapters of QuattrovolanteV2 130 is between 8.2 and 9.5mm.
      I suggest you to use these motors:
      or maybe these just in case you want to get them from Hobbyking:

      Best regards,


  2. HI I’m interested about your frame to build a brushed fpv quadcopter.
    Could you tell me how much it weight ?
    Would this camera fit ?
    Do you ship to France ?

    Thanks !

    1. Hello Vincent, the frame weight 14g (15g the tougher brushless version)
      That camera will fit nice, I’ve many friends flying with it.
      I’m from Italy, so no problem to ship to france.



  3. Nice looking frames man.
    Are you the italian guy from mmw community?
    Am I right your’re sending the stuff from Italy so i don’t have to worry about custom fees ’cause i’m from Germany.

    1. Thank you Chris, yes I am.
      I’m shipping from Italy so no custom fees

  4. Nice.
    How can I reach you via email?
    Haven’t found a contact button on your shop.
    Tried but dosn’t work.
    Got some questions I don’t wanna post here.

  5. hi
    i recently placed an order for a quattrovolante frame and rly looking forward to it ^^
    awsome looking frame’s !
    whas looking at the brushless version and also rly love the look of it ..
    but are there any plans on a bigger version with similar desing ? ^^ … would be cool

    1. Hello Ben, maybe I will design a 180 version with a carbon fiber bottom plate and an ABS top before the end of the year.
      But I realy love to fly the 130 or 160 frames, I can fly them almost everywhere.
      On the 160, using the 1306 motors with 4″ props both 3S or 4S is like to fly a much bigger quad

      1. that would be rly rly cool ! ^^
        and hmm yeaa i bet that 160 with that setup would rly be a fun thing to fly ^^
        but il start with ma 130 alienwii brushed build ^^
        hope the frame get’s to me fast ^^

  6. Thx Fabrizo,
    frames arrived pretty fast.
    Easy built with 0820-15 mmw Motors and Nano qx Fpv fc. Hubsan props. 600mah lipo.
    Just plug&play.
    Fast, stable, PURE FUN.
    Time to add my Fpv rig and parrot props.
    Great design.

    1. Thank you Chris, I’m happy you like it

  7. Hello Fabrizio,
    What is the general shipping time to US (with tracking number)? I’m shopping for there anyway something ordered today or tomorrow would make it to the East Coast by the 24th? Thank you.

    1. Hello Desmal, it usually takes 5-10 working days to arrive in US.
      Anyway I can’t guarantee that right before Christmas will be the same.
      I noticed that non tracked parcels are faster but I can’t suggest this kind of shipping for anything more valuable than frames.

  8. This frame flies much better then my previous picnicframe. Seems to fly bigger…maybe it’s due to the bigger size I don’t know but it’s cool. Check it out:

    Are not very clear to me the differences between the 130v2 brushed and the 120 brushed.

    1. The numbers refer to the diagonal motor distance. 130v2 = 130mm, so the 120 brushed has 120mm

      1. So only the size is different? What about the internal space for fc and vtx? Is that the same?

        1. The 120 is a different design, have much stronger arms, body and canopy so it weight a little more (maybe 2-3 grams more). The space inside is almost the same. The Q130V1 or V2 is pug&play with the Spektrum va1100 fpv camera, the Q120 fits only a separate camera/vtx set.

          1. Thanks!

  9. Would really like to have a 160 SeiVolante Hex, are you making them for sale??

    1. Hello Kyle, at the moment I still have not designed a 160 hex, only a 130 hexa brushed. I have no plan to design it soon

  10. Hi Fabrizo,

    The last time I visited your site you had an image of the Q130 with RS1306 motors.
    Looked well rapid!
    Could you please tell me what ESC and VTX you used for this build!


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