BNF notes

When you turn it on the first time the model is in Binding state. If the first time binding fails, it should be activate again with a simple procedure: connect the board to the pc through USB port, open Cleanflight chrome app (download Cleanflight here ), connect the board, go to the CLI tab and type:
set spektrum_sat_bind=3          (type 5 if in config tab you are using “spektrum2048”, 7 with DSMX satellites)
The board should reboot, then disconnect the usb cable from the board
Now connect the battery and the red led on the satellite should flash
It’s in binding mode, so you can turn on the radio keeping pressed the push button in the back of the module.
It the led on the satellite is steady red, binding has been succesfull.
The board has been flashed with the last available Betaflight firmware (
Motor Arm is configured on CH6 , set a 2 pos  radio switch on this channel)
3 flight mode are configured on CH5, set a 3 pos switch to have in order: Angle, Horizon and Manual flight modes
Air mode is activated when in Horizon and Manual flight modes
You can check the radio configuration in the “Receiver” tab and the “Modes” tab of cleanflight configurator. 
On the Taranis and other radios with DSM2 modules, you may need to change the range of the stick (setting subtrim, endpoints,..)
The range should be set from 1000 to 2000 (check it in the Receiver tab of Cleanflight).