Build tips for Quattrovolante160 kit


Solder the cables on the Power Distribution Board (ignore the 2 yellow/black wires shown in the bottom image, I used them for 2 front led boards)

The 5V output from the pdb goes to the Flip32 input (see images)

I usually remove the heat shrink from the esc and desolder the original wires

The soldered side of the pdb will go face down

Download the Cleanflight configurator here

Flash the Flip32 with Cleanflight or, better Betafligh using Naze or Naze32 firmware

Here is my configuration (please check and modify it to match your flying style) GialloNero_backup_12.08.2015.22.58

flip32-mini-pinout (1)


Assembled.. please note the wiring to the escs


I use to put a little drop of hot glue between the supports and the wires to protect the motors.


It’s also possible to assemble the escs inside the frame.